Now that would be the ultimate response to any email you sent, right? Let’s be honest, it is rare to feel this way about an email you receive. Yet our inboxes are flooded each day. Think about how the emails you receive make you feel, or not. Emails that are dry, automated, and general are just boring. But the ones that speak to you as if you’re part of the conversation, the ones that have energy and useful information are the ones you are willing to invest your time in.

It’s super challenging for entrepreneurs and small business owners to attract and maintain their customer base through email marketing. Persuading readers to open your email, and better yet, click through and take action requires some strategy. But once you develop your voice, and figure out what gets those clicks, you’re on your way.

Here are some key tips:

  • Subject lines should be snappy, funny, or concerning. And keeping your subject line down to 4 to 7 words results in greater opening success.
  • The content has to have a visual energy so that your reader keeps reading. Bolding, bullet points, short sentences and paragraphs keep the eye moving. To get people to engage, you have to give them something worth engaging with, like a question, an unexpected statement or an unusual perspective.
  • Also, not to get personal, but length does count, but not in the way you’re thinking.(See what I did there?) If I’m skimming through my email and I open one that just goes on and on, I get out of there. I have at least a dozen others to read, so I want something quick, original and interesting to me.
  • That leads us to the power of segregated lists. Not all of your clients and subscribers want to read the same stuff, it depends on where you are in your relationship. So if you put your email subscribers in specific lists, you can choose what to say and send to each group.

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