Brainstorm content strategy sessionCreative Content Development Sessions


“Writing is painful for me, it takes up so much time.”

“I can talk about my biz all day long, but I just don’t know how to write well.”

“I like what I write but it’s too long and wordy. I need help with editing.”

These are just some of the pain points I hear from my clients. As your content writing wing-woman I will collaborate with you to flesh out ideas, tighten and shift existing content, and build a strategy for moving forward.

In a 60 or 90-minute private Zoom session, together we will strategize and write/edit your content of choice – website pages, social media posts, blogs, services and offers, email newsletter messaging.

Each power session includes:

  • 1:1 session with me where we will collaborate on content ideas and creation
  • A recording of the session so you don’t have to take notes. Just focus on our discussion
  • Suggestions on posting: what, where, and when, as well as repurposing that content
  • Clarifying your best Calls To Action so your clients know what you want them to do
  • a 15-minute call or an email follow-up for final questions, edits, and polishing within 1 week of our call

These sessions are packed with idea generation, clarification of your message, and getting your content in launch condition!

 60-minute sessions:  $198 each

  • Bundle Pricing: Three sessions for $537

 90-minute sessions: $267 each

  • Bundle Pricing: Three sessions for $697

Retainer Packagescopywriter's-desk

I see that pile of unfinished content on your desk over there. Blog topic ideas, potential social media posts, and changes for your website copy that you’ve been meaning to write. But every time something pressing comes up, your content goes further down that priority pile. We all procrastinate on writing our copy.

How many times have you:

  • Wished you had a writer on call because you’d rather be tortured than write another line of copy?
  • Just wanted some reassurance and encouragement that only an experienced set of eyes can provide?
  • Needed an update on one of your website pages ASAP because you’re launching something new?
  • Hesitated to hit the “send” on your content because you fear the beasts of writing – misspellings, typos, run-on sentences, and incorrect verb tenses – are haunting your copy?

A retainer package just might be the answer you’re looking for. It provides flexibility in delegating your writing needs to me when you need it most. Choose the level that best suits your needs.

The Back Me Up Package:

 You’re pretty good at getting your content done and out the door, but would love the assurance that you could get some back up help in case you missed anything.

  • Three hours of writing and editing work
  • One 30-minute strategy call
  • Good for one month
  • Investment: $599 per month

*There is no rollover option with this package

*Does not include any services listed under Custom Projects


The Hold my Hand and Keep me Steady Package:

Your plate can be pretty full. Sometimes you can get your content done, and sometimes you’re under pressure. Consider me your partner in content productivity.

  • Five hours of writing and editing work
  • Two 30-minute strategy calls
  • Good for one month, unused time can rollover for one additional month
  • Investment:  $949 per month


VIP Team Player Package:

 You are one busy solo professional. You might like writing copy, but need to focus your time on other tasks. As a VIP Retainer client, I will be at the ready within 24 hours of your request for content. It’s the next best thing to having your own copywriter on staff.

  • Ten hours of writing and editing work
  • Three 30-minute calls
  • Good for one month, hours may rollover to the next month
  • Includes any and all writing services I offer, even custom services
  • Investment: $1800

Custom Writing Projectsdesk-of-writing-supplies

Some projects are so special they deserve their own category. They require a certain level of customization specific to the clients’ needs. This can include but is not limited to:

  • website content
  • blog series
  • sales pages
  • emails

Schedule a call to discuss your specific project and pricing

Right Now, Please and Thank You

Let me guess:Rush Writing Services

  • Something fell through the cracks that should have been promoted yesterday.
  • You had a genius idea in the shower that you cannot wait to put into action
  • There’s a deadline that you know you just can’t make.

Well, I can get your copy done so your project is completed on time without anyone knowing the difference.

You will have to invest, but I will provide a return on your investment – the content you want and need in a hurry.

  • Expedited Delivery Fee: $150
  • Hourly Rush Rate: $250 per hour

Two-hour minimum, paid upfront