Awesome question, right? One that stopped me in my tracks recently when I was asked this very thing at a networking event. It took me a minute to answer. I said I didn’t know, but I’d like to find out.

This, my friends, is an excellent mindset to develop. We spend a lot of time working from the bottom up, just working on getting those initial clients, one by one, that we don’t create a vision for the top. We don’t have clarity on what abundance will look or feel like. To achieve our abundant capacity, once we know what that is, will take planning, strategy, and action.

Like me, I’m sure you’re caught up in the holidays right now, thinking about turkey leftovers and buying gifts, and scheduling the heck out of your social calendar for the next six weeks.There will be some rushing around – rushing to cook, to shop, and if we’ve left any time, rushing to promote our businesses.

Beware – don’t let the holiday vortex distract you from preparing your business for January. If you don’t start to prepare for January until January, before you know it March will be here.

So the next question is, how will you reach your capacity? Can you improve your website, give your brand a makeover, find the right language to tell the world who you are and why you came?

Think about what you will offer in the next year. Maybe you will increase, or even start, an email marketing campaign. Or you can finally make that editorial calendar and schedule blogs and social media posts ahead of time. Even better, find the tasks that you like the least and outsource them so you can focus on the things in your business that you like and do best.

One of the things I’m working on that I find so helpful is choosing my 3 words for 2019. I did this for the first time this past year, and it was powerful. You choose 3 personally meaningful words that will help you stay on track for the coming year, words that you can post everywhere and use as a mantra to stay focused if you go off your path.

My words for 2018 were patience, strategy, and creativity. I said these things to myself when I was overwhelmed, when my confidence was shaky, and when I was brainstorming my next steps.

As a writer, not only am I focusing on my capacity, I can help you reach yours. Whether you need help editing or writing blogs, coming up with a tag line that resonates with your brand, or you want to nail your bio or elevator speech, I am ready. The final question is, are you?