I tell potential clients I’m a writer. But what does that mean exactly? “Writer” is a pretty broad title, yet we writers tend to think, that with a website, a blog, and social media platforms, potential clients know exactly what services we offer. Recently, Kerri Miller of Feng Shui Pathways, told me she just wasn’t sure exactly what I did or how I could help her, and she gave me the opportunity to explain how my writing could help her business. So allow me to clarify what I can do for you and your business.

For me, writer is a term that can mean something different everyday. I love to run workshops to focus on creativity and help writers with their work. And sometimes I get to do my own personal writing, which consists of creative non-fiction and short stories.

But for my job as a custom content strategist, I write content for just about any situation. What I do is help find the best language to describe you and your business and set you apart from your competition. And of course, I write my own website copy, so check out thatsaspade.com

Here’s a variety of the work that I do:

  • Original website content: I recently worked with Karen Carter to launch her new Empowerment Coaching site. (Shout out to the wonderful Chantelle Davis-Gray for creating Karen’s beautiful website.) I’ve written for a number of life coaches, and they all offer unique support and have had individual life experiences that influence the way they coach. It’s imperative to find the strategic language that shows your niche specialty.
  • Blogging: Want to learn about the importance of brochures? How to winterize bikes, boats and cars ? Or why it’s important to have your images in vector file format? I write blogs for many different companies on a variety of topics relevant to their marketing objectives.
  • “About me” pages and bios: Dread writing about yourself? I can help you with that. Just look at life coach Carrie Vinson’s “About” page, and read about Susan Finn on her home page here.
  • Marketing copy for events and workshops: Running an event that you need to promote? We can collaborate on the best way to promote your events.
  • Mission statements: Struggling to find the right descriptive language for what you do and why? I can brainstorm with you to craft an authentic statement. You can see an example here at Reflective Advice LLC.
  • Editing: Many people like to do their own writing, but need some final tweaking and embellishing to make it more individual and engaging. Take a look at this page on Helpful Organizer Janine Cavanagh’s website.
  • Website content refresh: Whether you’ve added new services, rebranded your business, or just want to embellish or improve what content you already have, I can clean things up for you. I recently updated  the content for the NAPS Maintenance website.
  • Product label or branding tag lines: I love this type of strategic word play, capturing and communicating the words that best represent your purpose and desire.

My portfolio is diverse, and I can assist you with whatever writing services you need for your business. I also work with a great group of creatives that handle social media, email marketing, and of course website branding and design. So if there’s something I can’t do, I know and trust someone who can, resulting in a complete collaboration on your project.

Let me put my words to work for you. Schedule a complimentary 20 minute “Check It Out” Chat with me, and we can discuss the possibilities of working together.