Once upon a time after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages happened. In summary, the Roman Empire was a kick-ass time with a thriving economy and Pax Romana – Roman peace. But the Empire had spread so far and so fast that the Romans couldn’t control everything. 

I mean, how did anyone survive at all before the internet, am I right?

The Dark Ages were a bit of a hot mess, kind of like our situation right now. Every part of life was challenged or threatened in some way. But what came after the Dark Ages, my friends, was the Renaissance – a beautiful rebirth of humanity, culture, and economy. 

What did it take to get there?

Leadership. Vision. Bravery. And a lot of other stuff.

There were thought leaders who took risks and did the best they could with what they had to work with. They didn’t necessarily know what they were doing, but they were willing to figure it out. And we look back on the Renaissance as this amazing time in history.

I know there’s so much worry right now about life never being the same as it was. That may very well be true, but…

What if it’s better in some ways?

That doesn’t mean life wasn’t as good as we thought it was before the Q, it just means there was room for change and in many ways, improvement. 

We have learned the value of family dinners, and time in our homes where we put so much money and effort into creating nice spaces.

We see the value of time for stillness and reflection and what we can really accomplish when being selective.

We have time to make decisions about where we want to go or not go, who we want to spend time with, what we want to buy, and where we want to travel when we can do so safely.

And you will have to make decisions moving forward, both personally and professionally. One of them being how you communicate with your customers.

To make your clients comfortable, you might have to step outside of your comfort zone and lead.

This is what your clients are looking for. They want you to explain precisely what you do and how that can help their business, whether it’s to maintain it or improve it. And in this time of uncertainty they want all the deets, my friends. 

If you want to lead you need to guide them by giving them clear information on what value they get if they choose to work with you. You have to express your confidence in your ability to get the job done and provide that value.

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Peace & Providence,