I’m skidding into the end of February to share my Three Words for 2020. I think a lot about this choice. I think about it for months because I know when I hit unsteady ground, these three words are going to be my mantra, the one that reminds me of what I’m working towards for the year. 

I like that my Three Words for 2020 are simple, and I feel like there’s a cadence to them that will keep me focused and on task.

#1 – Faith. Not in the organized religious sense, but more like in myself, in the Universe, in my words. Working solo requires some serious blind faith and self-confidence to do what I know best when planting seeds to create something new. Faith for me is when I am flying alone, independent in my decisions and choices that I hope will push me forward and bring the results I envision. Faith = I know I got this.

#2 – Rhythm. Like that song that plays in the back of my mind when I’m zoned in on my work, this to me is a balanced beat that will move me along on a steady path while rocking the journey. This type of rhythm is reliable and consistent, and keeps plans and preparation going smoothly. It helps my mind work at that prime pace – the one your heart beats to, the one that allows you to create in a big way.

#3 – Voice.  Now this is about taking what I have the faith to create, and the rhythm that supports that work, and putting it out into the world. I use the power of my voice to discover the real voices of my clients. It’s a necessary tool that inspires them to speak their truth. For 2020, Pantone Classic Blue is the chosen color of the year, and blue is the color of your throat chakra, the chakra that gives your voice its power and resonance. Voice is also about me owning my personal writing, to put my stories out there and know I will connect with someone. It’s time.

Here are some tips on finding your Three Words:

  • Journal: about the challenges you had in the past year and the goals you have for this new year. Then focus on words that will help you overcome those challenges and achieve your desired goals.
  • Symbols: Find a physical token that you can look at or hold in your hand. I bought myself a ring that says “Faith Over Fear”.
  • Meditations: Use a meditation App to find meditations specific to your words. I use Insight Timer.
  • Share your words with others, and inspire them to choose their own!

So what will your Three Words be?