Consistency is the name of the content game if you want to get noticed. The strategy of the game is having the right balance of content variety to keep your readers and potential clients waiting to see what you have to say next.

The general rule is to have 20% of your content be sales-driven and 80% be helpful information – tips, resources, articles, testimonials for social proof. It’s great to have all those things and they are simple to come up with, but you also need content that puts your differentiator in the spotlight. We don’t hear as much about creating the type of content to promote your perspective, your philosophy, and your thought leadership.

Whoa! I know you’re thinking things just got heavy. And complicated.

To write that kind of dynamic content, you need to get a little deeper, a little more personal, and a little braver about putting out your true thoughts about what you do, why you do it, and especially how you do it like no one else.

This type of writing also requires a different mindset than your other CEO administrative tasks and client work. It requires a mental and physical space that encourages brainstorming, idea generation, and creative strategy. In other words, a practice to build your creative muscle.

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, the experts will tell you to make your bedroom an inviting place to sleep, by tuning into your senses. The right temperature, soft lighting, comfortable bedding, and anything else that encourages a good night’s sleep. Getting into your creative content writing groove is no different.

Sensory details ground you in the present and what you are focusing on in that moment. Here are some suggestions to create a productive space for writing more creative content:

Pick a different spot from where you do your everyday work. Changing your surroundings tells your brain that you’re making a change in your activities.

Light a candle. Consider which scents and essential oils are uplifting for you.

Have a beverage. A cup of tea, a glass of wine, whatever helps you relax. And have a little tasty snack as a bonus.

Put on some music. Music provides awesome inspiration for writing. Think of choosing music that suits the subject you’re writing about

Get comfortable. Snuggle up in a blanket on the couch, put on your sweatpants or fuzzy socks. You do you.

Doing these things consistently will send messages to your brain that you’re transitioning into this creative time.

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