Ilhiana Rojas Saldana

Belive Coaching and Consulting

Beth Knaus is an amazing copywriter. She took my Bio and rephrased it in a way that reflected who I am in a reader-friendly way. She listened through all my thoughts and comments and became a true partner through the entire process. I loved working with her and will definitely reach out to her again for future projects.

Lisa Tice

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Beth Knaus wrote the “about page” for my website. She took a few details that I wanted to be included and put them together in a very reader friendly way. Beth was also willing to edit and make any changes that I wanted in a pleasant professional manner. Beth is who I will be asking to do any future writing projects!

Tony Fiore

Reflective Advice, LLC

Beth has been a fantastic resource for me. She is exceptionally skillful in writing material for the audience. Beth copy wrote an article I authored for small business owners on the process of selling a business. I wanted the article in plain language even though many technical matters needed explanation. She was flawless. Beth was also instrumental in writing the marketing material for my website. Again, she accomplished the task in my looked-for plain language approach. She seemed to understand better than me how I wanted to present myself. I cannot praise her enough.

Beth Abely

Beth’s ability to give insight and her talent for finding the right words to explain thoughts and feelings helped my daughter immensely with preparing her college essay. The stress of senior year is a lot and Beth went above and beyond to meet, propose a topic that hit home, and guided her to write a wonderful piece. Beth’s skills, professionalism and true caring played big part in receiving the college acceptance letters that came in. We are truly grateful to have had the ability to work with Beth.

Regina Sullivan

Writing Class Attendee

Beth creates a relaxed, interactive atmosphere for writing. She chooses prompts which encourage reflection and support clear expression of ideas. She allows time for writing, sharing, critiquing and reading works of various authors. She offers her own well- developed advice and tips and tools from other writers as well. Her workshops provide “protected” time to get the dreams, memories, stories, humor, emotions and whatever else is stored inside . . . out onto the page.

Dan Busler

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Beth is a caring person and a true professional in her craft. The correct choice and combination of words can make the difference in any press release, product overview or marketing collateral. This is where Beth shines and helps her clients achieve the best results from their target market.

Robin Clapp

I highly recommend Beth.  She had worked on several projects for me personally and for my clients.  The topics vary and she does excellent work delving into any sector and creating useful intelligent content.  For many business owners this is critical.  They need the content, but don’t have the time or the talent to write. Beth does the hard part for them and they just approve the final copy.  Beth is also helpful for a quick review. If you need a second set of eyes before releasing – I urge you to reach out to Beth.  I look forward to working with her on future projects.




Pamela Tanzi

I highly recommend Beth Knaus as an editor. She and I recently worked together polishing and refining a book of mine that I self-published years before. With Beth’s editing skills and focused direction, I was able to expand and enhance the body of work I presented on the public forum.
She will guide you as to what areas need expansion or further explanation with your story that will enhance the viewpoint you, as an author, wish to convey. At the same time, Beth will give honest, thoughtful critiques to improve your body of work.
Writing a book is a very personal and at times, challenging experience. Beth’s professional skill set, personable approach and work ethic will make the process of authoring a body of work a joyful, creative experience.