Here’s a confession – every time someone I know launches a podcast I think, “Oh Lord, not another podcast!” They are becoming like email subscriptions – so many to choose from it’s overwhelming.

Had I secretly thought about hosting a podcast? Of course! I love to create video and be a podcast guest, which I have done many times. And in my creative writing endeavors and observation of human behaviors among my peers, I am full of topic ideas.

I am also a respectful non-conformist as my friend Chantelle Davis Gray likes to say. A contrarian. I grew up listening to and preferring the B-sides of my 45’s. I have no desire to see The Princess Bride or Game of Thrones. And I have resisted the urge to make reels and TikToks because all the cool kids are doing it. I am suspicious of what’s popular in the mainstream market, and need proof of worthiness before I jump in to anything. So I did not expect to give in to the FOMO of everyone else starting a podcast.

And yet here I am, facing myself in the mirror, with a podcast host looking back at me.

Why I drank the Podcast Koolade

As a writer, who champions her clients to speak up about their differentiators and use their unique voice to stand out, I couldn’t resist. I had worked with my co-host, Nancy Medoff, on developing her book, “Unmute Yourself: Stand Up to Speak Out”, the communication handbook for women. During that project collaboration we discovered that we are both sassy, snarky, and confident in our individual missions to help others get what they want through confidence and communication. 

So when she asked me to co-host and discuss some topics people might want to hear about but are afraid to ask, I said sure!  

Colleagues Make Good Podcast Co-hosts

We have different backgrounds but similar philosophies. Nancy has a successful corporate sales background, got married a little later in life, and has no biological kids. I have a successful creative and entrepreneurial background, got married in my twenties, and have three kids. Nancy watched her mother get her degree at the Harvard Extension School when Nancy and her three brothers were grown. My parents were divorced, I was an only child, and I was raised by a man. 

So each of us brings a different perspective to our conversations. 

Bring on the Debate

We realized we were both tired of hearing about many controversial topics like Imposter Syndrome, and supportive of others, like the cost of being polite. We have discussions that might make you shift a little in your seat. Things that we all think about but hesitate to hash through. So we use our unique perspectives, humor, compassion and inclusion to unpack a number of issues and challenges that we believe need to be brought into the light and exposed for what they are – obstacles that may be holding you back. To date we have already discussed:

  • Owning Your Truth
  • Money, Work, and Worth
  • Work/ Life Blending
  • Claiming Your Space

And that’s just a few of our discussion topics since we first launched in mid-June. We agree to disagree and we learn from each other. We have a broad range of listeners – different genders, occupations, locations, and opinions. 

I hope you’ll listen to a few episodes. If you like the vibe, please like and follow us, and write a review. And of course, we are open to feedback and future podcast topic ideas.

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Thanks to Mohammad Metri on Unsplash for this awesome photo.