I was waiting for Spring to officially arrive before I posted my three words for 2018. I know what you’re thinking – “didn’t we hear about this three word thing back in January?”

Okay, the waiting for Spring part is clearly a white lie to cover up for my procrastination. I didn’t have three words in 2017, and clearly could have used them. Which is exactly why I love this concept.

New Year’s resolutions seem competitive, and can create overwhelm which leads to not getting it done, and, alas, often end in failure. If you choose a resolution it’s somewhat safe to not stick to it because no one else in the herd is really expecting you to, and your expectations for them aren’t so high, either. It’s acceptable to not follow through on resolutions. Then we can laugh just a little and say we’ll try again next year.

This is not acceptable to me.

Yet I often over extend my personal aspirations, always tempted to go for the half pound burger when I know my belly will be filled with a quarter pound. So a three word mantra or a meditation you can say any time is a motivator to me. My inner “Kick Ass and Take Names” voice can whisper these rhythmic three little words in my head all day long if needed, keeping me focused.

It’s not too late to choose your words. Here are my three.

Patience is a biggie for this chic. I’m in a hurry most of the time, because that’s how I create writing time for myself. It’s how I get my stuff, and everyone else’s, done. But often I am too tired to write because of the pace I keep. 

I’m also a fixer. If a challenge is stressing me, I find it difficult to let it work itself out. I want to fix it, and fast. 

And the constant drive to be productive looms over me, tempting me to stay on the hamster wheel. 

So, my to do list is ever evolving. But the faster I check things off, the longer my list seems to grow. And as a parent, spouse or friend there’s constantly things you can do for someone else, always an opportunity to volunteer for things you have no right saying you have time for. 

If I cram everything in and rush around like a crazy person, I’ll get it done, right? Sorry, but in the one possibly valuable word of the president, “AWRONG.” If I slow down and tackle one thing at a time I can prioritize and clarify my responsibilities. I can see then that some things can wait, or not need to be done at all.

Strategy is that well paced and thought out plan to execute realistic and necessary tasks in a reasonable amount of time. Then I can utilize my free time to its potential. Just so I and all of you can be clear on the true definition of “necessary”, it is: required, needed or essential. 

Strategy requires (see what I did there?) reflection and time to percolate and develop an effective step by step plan. 

Creativity, flowing and consistent, is the result I’m looking for from being patient and having an effective strategy flowing and consistent. My dad was a big fan of the 6 P’s:  Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. 

The proper pace encourages fluid productivity and is key for idea generation. And clarity simplifies the imagination process. If I am patient in developing an effective strategy, my mind will be open to create, to imagine, to write, to develop whatever projects I desire.

So when I feel myself picking up an erratic pace: Patience

When I feel lost and out if control: Strategy

And when my mind is open and calm: Creativity

What are your three words and how are they working out for you so far?