Ah, here we are again. The place of intentions, resolutions, and words for the new year. Of course, you have to choose the tool that resonates with you. For me, I like having three words, a concept popularized by Chris Brogan.

2020 was the year for many things, one of them being the mantra. We all witnessed other people walking around mumbling to themselves, things like:

When is this gonna be over?

This isn’t happening to me.

And my favorite – “What the heck am I supposed to wipe my butt with!”

But seriously, the one thing I said to myself under my mask more than anything this past year was “faith, rhythm, and voice”, my three words of 2020. Not gonna lie, there were many times when I struggled to keep them front of mind. And they certainly meant something a little different in January than in June or November.

When my husband headed back to school as an elementary art teacher last September, we started talking about getting through the day and dealing with the emotions of those around us. The word we started to use regularly was Grace. A word so strong and helpful that I am officially carrying it with me into 2021. 

Why? Because we have no flipping idea how other people are coping right now, all over the world, emotionally, mentally and physically. And we need to give grace to ourselves. Life is challenging from square one. Throw in political unrest, racial injustice and a pandemic, and we need to realize and embrace that we are doing the best we can and we are going to make mistakes.

Acceptance. Not only did my Dad drill this word into my skull like a mental tattoo, I recently read that nothing can change until you accept it first. So if something is blasphemous, paralyzing, and frustrating, you first have to admit to this truth, then you can get to work to change it up. 

We certainly spent a lot of time waking up to things that should and have to change to make the world a better and safer place for all humans. And accepting that some pretty rotten, limited and twisted mindsets exist is the first step to dealing with it.

It’s also about accepting and owning our potential. Sometimes we stuff down our greatness, especially when others around us are suffering. I for one feel pretty cozy just below the radar. But I know that is not where I want to be. 

To get where I want to be I will be focusing on Growth. Professional, personal, emotional, psychological – all the growth areas. After watching many businesses struggle and close their doors, I’m going to accept that this can happen to anybody. I will change what I can to ensure solid consistent growth in my writing business. To ensure that growth I will have to focus on who I am becoming. What parts of Beth need to be developed and strengthened? How will I nurture and encourage that growth in myself and others?

Lofty goals, I am aware. But we have been living in some serious molting time and I’m ready to fully emerge into the life that awaits. Are you choosing words? If so, I’d love to hear what they are.