One of my favorite things is refrigerator magnet poetry. You know, all those magnetic words that, no matter how many there are, none of them seem to make a full sentence. But they make memorable statements because you’re drawn to these specific words and their “magnetism” (Hehe). That’s how I feel about this annual concept of three words, originally started by Chris Brogan. They don’t make a sentence, but they flow together like a mantra you can call on when you’re thinking of jumping ship. Or, for less drama, just having an off day. 

Here are the words for my memorable statement of 2023.

Encourage. I became curious about the word “encourage” just recently. It’s often seen as a gentle, nurturing word. But when you break it down, it loosely means “in courage”. So encouragement is supporting someone (or yourself) as they move forward “in courage”. There’s bravery to it, and confidence, things we can all use a bit more of. When we offer encouragement to someone else, we’re honestly expressing our faith in them and our belief in their abilities. 

Encouraging someone provides assurance, gentle nudges, and a reminder that they’re the real deal. I like to think I champion my clients to be their bolder, individual selves as they step into new territory and out of their content comfort zones. And encouraging ourselves is a necessary gift. So take some time in the mirror and have an encouraging chat with yourself. Bring some tea, get comfortable, and don’t forget to give yourself a high five ala Mel Robbins.

Exposure. There’s so much push and pull around the word exposure. We want it, but when it happens we have to fight the urge to hide under the furniture. People can’t know you for doing something incredible you’re not sharing with them, whether it’s through social media, email newsletters, podcasts, networking, or speaking opportunities. If you want to get noticed, you have to speak up to be heard over the masses vying for the same attention. For me, exposure is about “go big or go home”. 

So when you’re sharing about your amazing and original perspective and experience, dig deeper, be braver, and give more details to enrich your story. Don’t hesitate to get a little more personal and encourage engagement and feedback. Show your humanity. Believe in your message and embrace what’s unique about it, what you have that others don’t. This is no time for humility. We might find out who doesn’t agree, but we will definitely find those people who think we are hot like fire.

Allow. When you’re receiving some steady encouragement to be yourself and to keep up your public exposure game, you have to be ready to reap the rewards, to allow the abundance you worked to attract. When you’re allowing, you’re accepting the value of what you have to offer yourself, your clients, and the world.   

When people start to notice you from exposure, open your arms wide and let it in. Don’t fight it or shrink back, own it and push forward. Say thank you and feel proud. Allowing is not an action, it’s an existence. Let it be something you are, not something you do. So even if it feels awkward at first, take in the moment and bask in the glow, then get back to exposing yourself. 

(Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. I meant figuratively exposing yourself through your content.)

I will encourage myself and my clients to embrace the idea of deeper, consistent exposure to produce the amazing results and benefits we’re ready to allow into our lives. 

Now go find those words on your fridge.

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Shout out to Vienna on Unsplash for this fabulous photo