One of the hardest things for me as a writer is self-promotion.  I want people to read what I write, but promoting it myself to get it in to the hands and under the eyes of the public makes me squirm in my seat a bit.

I recently had a short story published in an anthology called Movable Feasts, a collection of short stories about dining out put together by my writer friend, Jim Corrigan. When he sent all of us an email announcing that the book was going to press, I winced at the thought of having to talk to people about my most recent publication.

Movable Feasts: An anthology

Movable Feasts: An anthology

That’s right, most recent, because this is the third time I’ve been in a no-brainer situation where I’ve handed my written work to someone else who did all the editing and hard work to publish a finished book with my name in it, and I’m whining about taking a few minutes to tell people about it on social media. I know I’m not alone when I say that some of us writers can’t help feeling that the words “self promotion” can sound like dirty ones.

Truth is, not only is there nothing wrong with self-promotion, it’s crucial and mandatory if you want to make any money or gain any praise as a writer at all. Part of being a writer is selling yourself, and part of selling yourself is believing in your work and wanting to get the word out about your words. If writers expect people to read their stuff, talk about it and share it, they need to come to terms with the fact that self promotion is necessary for success.

So I’m going to go ahead and proudly self promote right now. Here’s the necessary information for you to explore and hopefully purchase some of these books and support my writing. If you’re interested in Movable Feasts you can find it here, either in paperback or for the kindle and/or nook:

It’s available on Amazon —

And on Barnes & Noble —

The two anthologies my writing group put together, Great Writing by People You Never Heard Of, and More Great Writing by People You Never Heard Of, books of eclectic and wonderful writing, can be purchased here either in paperback or ebook format:

I also have limited copies of all three publications if you want to get one from me personally, and I’ll be happy to sign any copies. Thanks for your support!