What’s your plan for distinguishing yourself in your field so that the right people are listening? The recent trend has been to stay below the radar with content and stay safe from “cancel culture”. But staying safe in your communications results in conveyor belt content – polite, general, and mass-produced. Stepping out from the masses and into the spotlight where your people can see you requires an approach that’s a little bolder. It requires content that not only talks about “what” you do, but “how” only you can do what you do because of your unique talents, strengths, and experience.

The Biz Essentials Podcast with Veronika Childs
This standing out stuff isn’t for the faint-hearted. But it is necessary for the passionate entrepreneur to establish and grow their business. Veronika Childs and I talk about all of this and more on her podcast, The Biz Essentials. Take a listen!