Each year, by the time I was 12, my Mother’s Day card went to this guy. This is how it was – communicating at eye level with a hand on my shoulder for support. Always. He took me for my first bra and purchased my lady supplies at the drug store. He bought me my first pair of Sergio Valente’s and took me shopping for my prom dress. Everybody mothers, and gets mothered somehow by someone. The childless and the motherless, those mothered by men, like me. Not everyone has a traditional set up.
We all mother in some way. You know why? Because we have witnessed the blessings that motherhood provides. It’s all due to those who led us by example. Mothering is caring for other people and other things precious to us in a selfless way. And it brings many gifts, like this:


I struggled with this holiday for many, many years. Especially when I had my own children and knew the miracle of mothering. But I had learned the lesson first hand that if you let them, others will mother you. Now I get my own cards, and the cherished and healing opportunity to mother my own children.
To all amazing women who have mothered, and those who stepped in to fill the gap for those who couldn’t, Happy Mother’s Day.