You know that place where you push a little bit when you’re communicating? With your tone, your perspective, your lovable snark or intensity. There’s a nuance to this, a delicacy and an ability to read the room as you step out as your low-key, brazen self. There is a real place somewhere between your professional presence and your dynamic personality that is a beacon for “your people”.

Balancing on a fine line that connects any two points takes finesse. Ideally, your content needs to be both:

*Funny and classy.

*Direct and respectful.

*Persuasive and truthful.

*Personal and professional.

*Filled with thought leadership and some basic facts.

The list goes on. There’s another fine line that runs between being bold, direct, edgy, and controversial as well as being relatable, honest, genuine, and transparent. None of them are easy, but they can become comfortable to navigate in your content writing.

I was fortunate this past year to work with clients who are brave enough to walk that line. They wanted to show up professionally without dimming the light on who they are as people. and I plan to find more clients that want to do the same.

*You can have an analytic and technical profession and also have great energy, a dynamic personality, and a nature-loving soul of generosity.

*You can be no-nonsense, showing your clients the real deal for getting what they want in life and be a creative, quirky human who loves every type of music.

*You can be true to who you are as a person, and also pursue a successful career, even if you don’t fit “the mold” of a typical expert in your industry.

In fact, although some people think these types of situations can hold them back, it actually sets them apart from all the others pressuring them to fit in and look like everyone else in their industry.

And the best way to turn that light up is to share who you are with the world – you as a whole person, with all of your wisdom, experience, and originality. With your perspective, opinion, and knowledge.

I’d be honored to help you expand your content to include all of the amazing things you bring to the table personally and professionally. Schedule a complimentary, “no strings attached” call to talk about your fine line.

Beth Knaus is a creative content writer and owner of That’s A Spade Copywriting Services. As a copywriter for confident female entrepreneurs, she’s passionate about writing dynamic content that honors her client’s originality and nails their unique voice to the page so they can step out from the masses and into the spotlight, and attract the perfect clients for them.

Now partial empty-nesters, she lives in Norwood, Ma. with her awesome husband and their chubby, spoiled cat, and sometimes one of their three amazing adult kids. In her free time, she likes to read, hang out in the city, travel, cook, eat, and laugh. A lot.