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Content Development     Incubator

Next session starts in March 2022

Where bold ideas are hatched and leave the nest

  • Twelve weeks

  • Only four seats per session

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There’s so much to consider when writing content for your business that creativity, originality, and your voice don’t always make it onto the list.

There’s so much tactical information out there on how to write better content. Frankly, it can be confusing, misleading, and uninspiring. Not to mention time-consuming.

Anyone can write informational content. It’s consistently standing out with thought-provoking content that gets you noticed, and hired.

To do so you have to be comfortable and confident about writing creatively for your business.

And that takes practice.

Here’s the good news in the Incubator program you can establish creative writing habits that give you the motivation to write more courageously in your unique voice.

You can target your perfect clients by writing bold content that honors the amazing benefits of specifically working with YOU.

Isn’t it time to enjoy writing more creative, thought-provoking content, be confident in your message, and connect with the audience you want?

During our 12 weeks of nurturing your content writing ability, you will learn to:

  • Write more magnetic content in less time with less stress
  • Establish your voice and choose the right language for your message
  • Generate fresh ideas and build them out into engaging written content that converts
  • Feel more confident in how you show up through your content writing
  • Write what feels right and true, and represents your mission and vision
  • Be more original and courageous with the content you put out into the world

This program is for entrepreneurs like you who:

  • Are confident and ready to write scroll-stopping content
  • Write your own content but feel bored, uninspired, and stuck
  • Want to amplify your message to attract next-level clients
  • Have some edgy and courageous things to say but need help communicating them respectfully

    The clearer you get about your message, the more comfortable you’ll be writing about it, and the more confident you’ll feel about using your unique voice. 

    Here’s what you’ll get during our time together:

    • An initial 30-minute 1:1  call with Beth to discuss your content writing challenges
    • A creativity box full of tools for writing activities to get your creative juices flowing
    • A private FB community for support, encouragement, feedback, and sharing your content
    • Weekly 90-minute group calls with Beth that include lessons, writing time, and Q&A
    • A halfway 1:1 check-in call with Beth to keep you motivated on your writing journey
    • Co-work sessions to get your writing done
    • Feedback from Beth on two pieces of content up to 500 words (submit a document for review and get video feedback on what’s working and what needs to be re-visited)

    ***Only four seats available per session***

    Join this value-packed program for creative writing success for just $1297!

    Payment plan available.


    Content Development Incubator

    Where ideas are hatched and leave the nest

    “I learned a lot about writing that I wasn’t aware of before participating in the Content Development Incubator.”

    “I had wanted to work with Beth for quite some time but work and life had gotten in the way.  I was thrilled to be able to participate in this online session.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I learned a lot about writing that I wasn’t aware of before participating in the Content Development Incubator.  This program offers a space to be free of judgment and to express what is coming up for you at the time of the session.  This was helpful to work through and have an action plan.  Thank you Beth!!”

    – Ann Lynch

    I was introduced to a different perspective/lens to look at the approach to writing content for my business.”

    “I recently took part in Beth Knaus’ Content Development Incubator and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Beth creates a safe container to share whatever blocks that you are having about writing and the conversations that flowed from the writing prompts that she gave us, or the topics that she introduced, were really quite eye-opening and useful. 

    I enrolled in the Content Incubator because I was looking for inspiration to get out of the rut that I had gotten into with writing for my business and I wanted to inject more humanity and relatability into my content. I walked away with the ability to give myself permission to be more expansive and human in my writing, have some fun while writing for my business, and I was introduced to a different perspective/lens to look at the approach to writing content for my business. I appreciate Beth’s frankness and candor and feedback and I highly recommend her program.”

    – Sandra Hughes

    I chose to take a writing class to improve my written communication skills but I had not expected to learn so much more.”

    As a professional in the biotech industry, I spend much of my time communicating via email or conveying thoughts and information in a PowerPoint presentation. I chose to take a writing class to improve my written communication skills but I had not expected to learn so much more. The most prominent lesson when writing and my favorite Beth-ism, “Be kind to yourself”. We are all our own worst critic and Beth teaches that there is no shame in a terrible first draft. In fact, the first draft is expected to be just that…a draft.

    As a result, I now draft an email, pause, and give thoughtful consideration about my word choices, fine-tuning so that the language truly conveys my intent. The class also promotes individuality through the various writing prompts and is done so in a supportive and nurturing environment. Through Beth’s class my writing has flourished, not only from writing practice, but by enabling me to be a better listener as members of the class share their unique and often eloquent prose. I have learned to be kind to myself and others, with a deeper appreciation for all written artistic styles. I am a better professional and human thanks to Beth @ That’s A Spade.

    – Danielle Horton

    About Beth

    Beth Knaus is a kick-ass content writer, creative workshop leader and owner of That’s A Spade Copywriting Services (

    She has been writing since before the millennium was a thing, from teenage angsty poetry to published stories and essays, and now for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about their content.

    As a writer, she’s passionate about writing content that nails her clients’ voices to the page and honors their originality so they can stand out from the masses, step into the spotlight, and attract the type of clients they’re excited about.