Hey, welcome back to CSC! It’s not quite as cold today as it was when I was working on episode 1, and I am grateful for that. Something happened on my train ride in here this morning. I kept thinking about going back to Render Coffee! But, that isn’t how I want these chronicles to go, so I started out at the Wired Puppy on Newbury Street.

At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to go in. I have a love/ hate relationship with Newbury Street. It’s hip and I like to hang out there, yet other times I have no patience for the stuffy vibe you can catch there. The name of the coffee shop had me expecting over-privileged college kids and mind thumping alternative music. I was also distracted by the gorgeous weather that day, and Newbury Street was fairly empty and easy to meander along. But again, I brought my focus back to the goal.

I’m here to tell you I was wrong and had horribly pre-judged the Wired Puppy. Interesting fact about the Wired Puppy, it’s owned by Revelator Coffee, which is the site the link will take you to. It was accurately described on Google as a snug subterranean cafe. You went down a few steps to get inside, and the whole place was lined with brick. They had a new drink advertised, the decaf Hibiscus Latte, a decaf tea made with oat milk. Normally the oat milk would have turned me off, but I’m living large for these chronicles, am I right? And it looked hip and trendy, which you know tempted me. So first, the most beautiful drink I have ever seen:writing with a cup of tea

To my hesitant surprise, it was so delicious. The Wired Puppy was pretty quiet at 10:30, and I worked in a back cave-like room with windows facing out to….. the alley! Not that exciting, I know, but not a bad thing either, since not much was going on in my outside view to distract me from my work.

I will admit I underestimated the Wired Puppy, and would totally go back there again. Signing off ’til next time. Thanks for reading:)