Well bless my heart! A quality coffee chain – who knew? I really, really hate to end up in a chain coffee shop. I do some unfair retail profiling – chains make me think of quantity over quality and mass-market product versus craft offerings. But if you hang out in the ever-evolving Boston Seaport District, you quickly find out that everything is exciting and new, and a lot of the businesses are chains. 

So I reluctantly went into La Colombe, disliking it before I walked in the door. They don’t even have an individual website for each location, just the main website that lists all the locations. And I mean, they sell cold coffee in cans. In the grocery store, for heaven’s sake. But I was cranky from my difficult Seaport coffee shop search, so I gave in.

Gosh darnit, I loved this place. First, it was mellow. Nice and quiet, with music at a tolerable level.  And it wasn’t overloaded with decor and the crowd was mellow. 

The seating was so simple – shiny, sleek wooden benches that ran the length of 2 walls. The wooden benches had a slight comfortable curve that your bum just settles right into. And tables that were not only a decent size and a workable height, but they also sat level on the ground!

The best part was the tea. Yes, the tea! From the coffee shop in cans company! They had some unusual flavors like Golden Turmeric, Ruby Oolong, and Yunnan Breakfast. I chose Peppermint Cardamom which I tell you I cannot stop thinking about. 

Not only was I mesmerized by this flavor, they kept my brewing tea behind the counter so they could steep it for the appropriate time, and then brought it out to me, nice and hot in this beautiful China mug. Come on. 

So shame on me for my chain stereotypes. I sat there, working peacefully for the remainder of my time in the city that day. Pretty sure I will go back there again and test out their baked goods:)