Croissants and Coffee and Cocktails, Oh My!

Here we are, smack in the start of November, with the holiday avalanche approaching. I did not spend a lot of time in coffee shops this summer, and my trips to the city were focused on outdoor activities. But I’m back on my coffee chronicling game, since this is perfect hot beverage weather. Here’s a small reveal: I only like hot tea and coffee. I rarely drink these bevvies iced. It’s just not my thing. In fact, I will rise early before it gets too hot in the summer so I can have a hot cup of tea, or I will go into an air-conditioned room in the afternoon. And of course, an air-conditioned coffee shop.

On my last journey I found my way to the Tradesman Coffeeshop and Lounge, a lovely stop at the edge of the financial district for coffee or cocktails, depending on your poison and time of day.

One of the challenges I have with the Coffee Chronicles is finding independent coffee shops. There are so many chains, and not that they aren’t good, but they tend to lack originality when there’s one on every corner. And I can find many of them out in the ‘burbs, minus the train fare.

The Tradesman was a welcoming spot and a great place to get some work done. At around 11:00, it was fairly quiet and I sat at a large community table. Both contemporary and old world, the furnishings were rich with dark woods and faux leather chairs lined with brass grommets. Even if it were a busier time of day, there was ample space to find a seat and still be able to work peacefully.

One of the things I appreciate that the Tradesman exhibited is music at the right volume, mainly because I want to put my headset on and not have to blast my music to block out what’s playing in the background. I also like to keep my volume low so I can still be aware of what’s happening around me so that I am focused, but not in my own music mini coma.

The staff was so gracious here, and well versed on their baked goods. I like when a server has tasted everything and can give you their personal favorites based on personal experience, and not what the boss told them to say. This quality is right up there for me with the ability to make a good cup of tea. They also make croissants daily with different crazy fillings, like red velvet and Boston cream pie. There was also a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu to choose from.

I chose to have a strawberry scone, which was delicious as promised. It was a tough choice – I really wanted the lemon lavender pound cake, but decided to wait until next time. I also went out of my comfort zone and had a cappuccino which was equally above par.

The surprising element of the Tradesman is that it’s connected to the Hilton Boston Downtown. I tend to stay away from food venues connected to hotel chains. I find them overpriced and underwhelming, and way too busy. The Tradesman, however, breaks that mold. Their atmosphere and brand were unique and inviting. and I recommend you check it out, either to get some work done or meet someone for coffee or a drink.