I’m sure you hear and read a lot about brand messaging and wonder about all the hype. I’m here to tell you the hype is real. Although it’s a trendy word, it’s also necessary to have it and to create and maintain it effectively. I also want you to know that whether they proclaim it or not, all good copywriters are using your brand messaging in the content they create for you. It’s the foundation for your business communications.

The trick on your end is clarifying and sharing your brand messaging with those you work with, which may sound easier than it is to do. Here’s why:

It gets lost in the shuffle. When your sleeves are rolled up and you’re knee-deep in the mud of starting your business, some things like brand messaging might seem fluffy, extracurricular, or ok to do later when you get steady on your feet. Wrong! 

You hired someone to help. …..but ended up delegating. Again, while you were wearing all your start-up hats and juggling all the balls, you allowed your brand specialist to use their creative license and do their best based on your limited input.

You played it safe. Your brand message is lovely, but it’s also general and similar to others in your field. It talks about your “why”, but it’s still surface. You need to dive deeper into your personal motivators and share them in a relatable way with your ideal client. “Why” is great but “how” is better.

Your business has evolved. Congratulations! All that work is paying off. If you have up-leveled the type of clients you’re working with, or have changed the services you offer, your messaging has to be revisited to support these changes.

It’s full of facts. Facts are important, but they need to be part of a mix of feelings, emotions, relatability, and storytelling. Facts just don’t draw engagement in the same way personal connection does.

Brand messaging is a constant work in progress like your business. Learn more about improving your brand messaging by scheduling a call with me