Hey, welcome! Nice to see you here.


               I’m Beth Knaus, creative copywriter and owner of That’s A Spade Copywriting Services. I love writing   and the challenge of crafting bold and clear messaging in the best way for you to connect with and convert your  ideal clients.

You’re probably here because content writing is not your jam, or it is and you want to get better at it. Or maybe you struggle with walking that fine line between being professional while honoring your true self.

 I meet lots of entrepreneurs with incredible businesses, who can talk all day long about their passion. But when it comes to writing it down and sharing it with the public, they play it safe, making general statements, being polite, wanting to fit in. This type of writing shows you have a pulse – 


 but so does everyone else. 

Let me tell you how I got here.

I learned a lot about communication as a kid. As an only child, I spent my time observing adults – what made them laugh, what upset them. When you pay attention and listen, you learn how to strategically communicate to get the results you want.

I was raised by my dad, who taught me how to be direct but respectful, empathetic but honest, and to talk about difficult subjects in a way that helps others understand.

 And after 35 years in the beauty industry, I know a whole lot about making people feel good about themselves using the psychology of language.

 The truth is…..

 You can put as much copy out there as you want, but until you’re ready to speak up with that awesome voice of yours and amplify your genuine perspective, you won’t look any different than anyone else in your field, and your people won’t be able to pick you out from the overwhelming crowd of sameness.

 It’s your differentiator – the way you do what you do differently from everyone else – that makes your content read-worthy. Your bold and unique voice is proof that your pulse is strong.

 When I meet my ideal client, I immediately start strategizing how to capture their voice and nail it to the page for the world to see. Think you’re ready for this?


Let’s Get To It! 

Things you should know about me:

I love me some good, old fashioned snark

I have always preferred the B-sides of records

 I question the status quo

I think being a contrarian and a respectful non-conformist are some of my greatest strengths

 Now a partial empty nester, I live in Norwood, Ma. with my awesome husband and our chubby, spoiled cat. I have three adult children who are incredible humans. In my free time, I love to read, cook and laugh. A LOT.