Hey! Welcome to my site, I’m Beth.

I often say, “let’s call a spade a spade.” In other words, let’s be real about what we want to communicate, and do it in a respectful yet no nonsense style.

Here’s what you can expect from my work:

Crisp, clean copy that’s original and direct. Language that engages the reader.

Here’s what you won’t get:

Tired cliches, crowded and/or never-ending paragraphs, things you didn’t ask for.

Here’s how I got here:

Originally from New York, I studied cosmetology in high school because my mother wanted me to be an accountant. As a teen laden with angst, I journaled dramatic interpretations of my life’s daily events and wrote some drippy poetry about boys. Clearly the beginning of my long writing career.

I received an associate’s degree in Small Business Management from Nassau Community College. When I moved to Boston for love, I opened a hair salon in the financial district, using both my academic and trade abilities. While managing my ten employees, I also worked for Zotos International as a salon educator and back stage assistant at trade shows.

At 28, I sold my beauty business to stay home with my first child, and started to focus on writing again. I wasted no time, and wrote a novel. It was a beginner piece but a complete one, so I was inspired to continue. I then went on to write short stories, poetry, and personal essays.

As much as I loved writing, I was consistently drawn back to business, and connecting people in need of each other’s services. I continued to write, staying involved in writing groups.

In 2005 I began working for Art Matters, an art awareness organization that provides art presentations to groups. Explaining what artists are trying to say with visual language, through color, line and shape, has heightened my understanding of different communication forms.

Feeling the love:

I am blessed to have had an eclectic array of opportunities to connect and communicate with people. The psychology of how people interact, particularly in creative businesses, fascinates me. I have stayed true to my vision and I’ll do the same for yours, either visually, face to face, or in writing. Choosing the correct language to express feelings truthfully, I have been empowered to create clarity and connection. All of this is why you should put my words to work for you.

Where can you read my writing?

~On my blog, That’s A Spade, where I write honestly about difficult topics.

~ In Moveable Feasts: An Anthology and Losing the Map: Stories ,both themed anthologies that my writer friend edited and published.

~ In The Dying Dahlia Review , an online review that chose to publish my flash fiction story. Then they nominated that story for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in flash fiction, which was a huge honor.

~ Presently, I invest my free time in the SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Studio, as the art gallery director, writing instructor, and a volunteer advisor in the SheBreathes Inner Circle. You can read a blog I wrote for them here.

~  The  about us page at Sugarjewlz.com, a jewelry design company

~The  welcome page and  about page  at susanfinnonline